Washington DC’s historic neighborhoods are filled with brick homes built in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. The walkways that connect these lovely traditional homes to the sidewalks often still retain the original bricks. These coal-fired bricks are softer than those that were later manufactured using more modern technologies. Brick restoration in historic buildings and their walkways, therefore, requires the use of traditional materials and methods to ensure continuing structural integrity for decades to come.

Brick pavers have been used since colonial times. It is possible to find clay brick pavers that complement the color and style of the bricks on the building’s façade. In some situations, it is possible to secure bricks that have been salvaged from historic buildings.

Because brick common pavers retain some moisture, they may crack or break if subjected to multiple freezes/thaws per year. In colder climates, it is recommended that brick street pavers, hard-fired and impervious to water, be used. They are available in a variety of contrasting colors or patterns to create walkways with flowing curves or straight lines and borders.

Another option for walkways that complement traditional brick homes is interlocking concrete pavers. They have thousands of expansion joints to offer more flexibility and equally outstanding looks. Finally, flagstone is a beautiful option as well.

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