Dr. Christina Wilson

Dr. Christina Wilson is the vivacious, outspoken, and out-of-the-box Founder, President, and CEO of Renaissance Development. While hundreds of Renaissance clients have expressed confidence in and appreciation for her in-depth knowledge of historic brick buildings and what it takes to care for them over time, others seem even more struck by her energy and playful personality.

“We strive for quality, excellence, superb service and take every job seriously, no matter the size. …We want every project we complete to be a pleasant experience for our clients from start to finish.”

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Jolynn Yunker

Jolynn is likely to be the first person you speak with when you call our office. She makes sure that all incoming inquiries and requests get to the right team members, and that anyone who contacts Renaissance gets a timely reply. Additionally, Jolynn manages every aspect of the company’s data and finances.

“I love being part of an interesting and dynamic office environment. Every day is full of surprises!”

An intrepid cyclist and walker, Jolynn says, “I love Capitol Hill for its small town feeling while still being part of a big city. And the National Mall is in our backyard! This is a great place to live and work.”


Jason Jones

Jason Jones, endearingly known as ‘JJ’, is the Production/Field Manager at Renaissance. That means he is the person most likely to show up in person to do an expert site inspection of your property. Originally from San Francisco, JJ’s previous work experience as a Building Materials Manager brought him to our door in Washington, DC and we are all happy about that. Says JJ about his work,

“It is an adventure, not a job.”