We are open and continuing to serve customers. Please take a moment to read this special message about changes we have made to the way we work during this time of heightened concern and precaution. Your safety, as well as that of our team and crew members is of the highest priority. So is the quality of service you have come to expect. Thanks for learning about Renaissance and we hope to hear from you soon!

Renaissance Development is Washington DC’s leading masonry contractor specializing in tuckpointing – brick mortar repair using historically appropriate and traditional methods and materials – for lasting brick facade and chimney repair.

Our service area is all of Washington, DC including the historic neighborhoods of Capitol Hill, Georgetown, Dupont Circle, Shaw, Logan Circle, Adams Morgan, and Columbia Heights. We also serve most parts of Old Town Alexandria, VA.

We are experts in brick restoration and preservation for historic DC homes, schools/institutions, and commercial properties. We skillfully combine the use of historically accurate materials and methods to restore and preserve the aesthetic and integrity of centuries-old buildings. All of the services provided by Renaissance Development LLC increase a property’s value and ensure that it will last for decades and generations to come.

Washington’s historic houses were constructed of clay bricks assembled with lime mortar. After decades of exposure, the mortar joints between the bricks begin to fail. Makeshift repairs are often made with cement, which is commonly used in new construction but inappropriate for historic buildings. We use specially formulated lime-based mortar — which is low in compressive strength and contains no cement — to tuckpoint (or re-point) brick facades and chimneys. Learn more about Tuckpointing.

Renaissance Development is most often seen tuckpointing exterior facades in Washington DC’s (and Old Town Alexandria’s) oldest neighborhoods. What is less visible from the street is the interior tuckpointing work that we also provide for residential, institutional, and commercial customers. If you plan to expose a brick wall, Renaissance Development can make sure it is properly reinforced and sealed for many years of beauty and historic good looks. Learn more about Tuckpointing.

Brick chimneys in historic buildings will eventually need tuckpointing, too. They are subject to the same deteriorating weather and exposure conditions as the rest of an old brick building and will eventually need help. It is just as important to repair and maintain chimneys with historically specific materials and methods as it is the rest of your building. Learn more about Chimney Repair.

Renovated Washington DC and Old Town Alexandria properties often have yards containing a hodge-podge of overgrown plants and mismatched paving materials. These spaces are aesthetically unappealing, uninviting, and difficult to use. With our expert masonry design and materials, they can, however, be transformed into inviting exterior rooms that significantly expand a home’s living space into the outdoors. Learn more about Patios.

Urban gardens frequently have retaining walls that demarcate public and private spaces, make transitions between levels, as well as prevent soil erosion and water runoff. Crumbling retaining walls are both unsightly and unsafe. Renaissance Development constructs retaining walls utilizing modern building methods and finishes them with historically appropriate materials to enhance and complement both house and garden. Learn more about Retaining Walls.

Steps provide a transition between interior and exterior as well as from top to bottom. Urban neighborhoods in the Washington DC area are characterized by multi-story structures in which steps are an essential architectural element. At Renaissance Development, DC brick repair and construction of steps conforms to modern building code yet makes use of historically appropriate materials. The result is both useful and beautiful steps for your home and property. Learn more about Steps.

The first impression of a house is established by the space in front of it. Even the most beautiful buildings won’t look their best when preceded by crumbling or hazardous passageways. Walkways constructed of historically appropriate materials — brick, stone, or concrete — create an elegant welcome for residents and visitors alike. Well designed and maintained walkways will dramatically enhance the curb appeal of the house. Learn more about Walkways.