Tuckpointing is a complex process that requires much more than just replacing failing mortar. Renaissance Development’s expert team has the experience and skills required to give your building the careful attention it deserves.

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Washington’s historic houses were constructed of clay bricks assembled with lime mortar. After decades of exposure, the mortar joints between the bricks begin to fail. Makeshift repairs are often made with cement, which is commonly used in new construction but inappropriate for historic buildings. We use specially formulated lime-based mortar—which is low in compressive strength and contains no cement—to tuckpoint [or re-point] brick facades.


Historic homes have seemingly endless to-do lists of repairs. While homeowners might be tempted to tackle the cracks in their house’s brick walls [either inside or out], such evidence of structural failure is a clear indication that expertise is required.


The failure or structural integrity of an aging brick wall is most obvious when visible gaps in the mortar joints appear. Equally problematic are so-called “spot repairs” with inappropriate materials such as Portland cement, silicone caulking, or even duct tape. These makeshift efforts at repair can even contribute to the more rapid deterioration of a brick wall’s structural integrity.

An on-site evaluation is the best way for a building professional to determine the best course of action. Although many contractors claim to be “brick experts,” not all of them are equally experienced with or sensitive to the particular challenges inherent in dealing with old buildings.


Good communication from the outset will be the basis for a successful project. No questions are too picky or particular. Breakdown in mortar joints can also be caused by other problems, such as clogged gutters, a failing roof, or leaky windows. Tuckpointing experts may recommend that certain kinds of drainage issues be addressed before starting repair and restoration work on a brick façade.

A written tuckpointing proposal should include the following:

• Scope of work – a detailed description of the existing conditions and work to be performed. This may include specifying which exterior walls is to be completed [e.g. north, south, alley side]; issues to be addressed and rectified; composition of the work crew; plan for erecting scaffolding; description of the techniques and materials to be used in the tuckpointing; and outline of site-work expectations
• Project cost
• Timeline, start, and completion dates
• Required permits
• Warranty
• Change orders


The permitting process in Washington, DC, and surrounding areas can be challenging. If your home is in a historic district, the requirements are rigorous. The process usually takes 2-4 weeks and may involve gaining approval from multiple agencies.

In certain circumstances, additional permissions may be required. These include but are not limited to:

• Public space permit for work performed adjacent to a public sidewalk or alley
• Neighbor permission forms from owners of immediately adjacent properties
• Special scaffolding permit if scaffolding is visible from the street


Tuckpointing work is messy. Dust is inevitable, and the grinders used to remove failing mortar can be noisy. The best masonry contractors will make sure to complete the following tasks through project duration:

• Walls carefully washed by hand [with low pressure, not power-washed] before, during, and after mortar installation
• Daily site cleanup
• Placing all debris in heavy-duty/contractor bags and removed from the site on a regular basis


When your tuckpointing project is completed, your historic brick home should look refreshed. That includes restoring its curb appeal. Look for a final cleanup that includes window washing – yours and the neighbors – washing the exterior walls, and repairing your landscaping. Your final walk-through should reinforce your investment in maintaining the structural integrity and historic authenticity of your home.

Tuckpointing done the traditional way restores the classic beauty of brick and mortar and lasts for many years. It’s what preserves the allure of the classic brick homes in DC’s historic neighborhoods.

Licenses and Certifications

Licenses and Certifications

Renaissance Development has completed hundreds of projects in DC neighborhoods including Capitol Hill, Dupont Circle, Shaw, Georgetown, Adams Morgan, Petworth, Columbia Heights, and Chevy Chase. In 2011, Renaissance Development expanded its service area to include the Old Town neighborhood in Alexandria, one of Virginia’s largest designated historic districts.

• Women Business Enterprise (WBE)
• Certified Business Enterprise – District of Columbia DSLBD Certification # LSZR53696112023

Licensed in the District of Columbia and Virginia:

DC Contractor’s License #86109XXXX-54000214

Virginia Contractor’s License #2705-1411239
City of Alexandria Business License #127132

Insurance Information:
• Fully Bonded and Insured
• Western Surety Company Bond #71221564
• Erie Insurance Property Casualty-General Liability and Worker’s Compensation

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Historic Tuckpointing Expertise: New Life for Historic Brick Buildings

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Why Choose Us: Building Blocks for Revitalizing Historic Neighborhoods

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The restoration of historic brick buildings using traditional methods and materials


“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Christina Wilson and her terrific team at Renaissance Development twice now and wouldn’t consider hiring anyone else to work with us on hardscaping and tuck-pointing projects. The Renaissance team put together a terrific plan for our backyard, executed each part of it well and went above and beyond to ensure that we were happy with the finished product. We were thrilled to hire them again last year to tuck-point our historic rowhouse on Capitol Hill. Renaissance offered the best proposal for our property and worked hard to ensure that we were absolutely satisfied with the end result. And we are — we’re sure our house has never looked better and have complete confidence in the terrific and historically appropriate work they did. Every major project has unforeseen challenges, but Christina and the team at Renaissance really go above and beyond to do the job right. We give them our highest recommendation.”

“They are very professional and punctual. I truly believe they deserve the top marks they get on Angie’s List. The work was done on schedule, was completed perfectly, and really the entire process from start to finish was very good. Repointing my brick walls was not as bad as I thought it was going to be!”

“Entire process was smooth, easy, professional and friendly. I loved it. Great great experience. They did very good work, cleaned up super well, and the result is just beautiful. I could not be happier.”

“From our initial contact to the last day on the job, Renaissance was terrific. We have had other repointing done and this experience was head and shoulders above that. Dr. Christina Wilson — yes, she actually has a Ph.D. in this field — was a delight. She was professional and responsive to our needs, as was her excellent crew.

In the District, there are new regulations about how repointing can be done, which involves notifying neighbors and covering their windows too, while the repointing is being done. Christina and her team were completely up to speed on this process. They obtained the required permits for the work. They dealt with our neighbors with aplomb and good nature. They arrived when they said they would. They worked Saturdays, which is their standard practice. When the weather turned bad, they stayed late to complete the job before the rain hit.

Christina and her team matched the color of two different areas of mortar so that the work looks seamless — something that did not happen when we last repointed nearly 20 years ago — and one of the reasons that we decided to repeat this expensive process. We have had compliments from neighbors about the repointing. There were zero complaints about the work or the disruption. …We are very pleased with this work, would use Renaissance again without hesitation and highly recommend them.”

“Renaissance was responsive and professional throughout the experience: from estimate to completion of the work. They completed the job in the time estimated (even with a few bad weather days) and the quality of the work met, if not exceeded, my expectations. A few weeks after the job was done I noticed that part of our fence was damaged (likely from equipment). I contacted Renaissance and they replaced the damaged piece within two days — no questions asked. I highly recommend them.”

“After I contacted them, Renaissance came out quickly to review the proposed work area and prepare an estimate. The staff person actually convinced me I did not need to have the entire house (a 1930s brick colonial) repointed, which I had initially assumed. It was refreshing to deal with such an honest and knowledgeable company. The work was scheduled in a timely fashion, and then actually performed early when a spot on their schedule opened up. The workers were professional and conscientious about keeping the work area as neat as possible — a certain amount of dust and noise is inevitable with brick repointing. The final result exceeded my expectations.”





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