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The renovation of historic brick buildings requires a special type of tuckpointing expertise. General contractors know that they need to subcontract historic brick restoration – tuckpointing – to a reputable company with very particular expertise in the use of traditional methods and materials required by the original bricks and lime-based mortar. Why?

Some historic DC buildings continue to be occupied and used for their original purposes. Examples of these may include schools, museums, banks, hospitals, and hotels. Others have gone through conversions over the years that have repurposed them. In some cases, historic architectural integrity has been preserved and in other cases, it has not.

Our History and Credentials
Renaissance Development LLC is the sub-contractor of choice when an old building is part of a modern-day redevelopment project; especially if the historic aspects of the building are to be restored or preserved.

Licenses and Certifications

Why Choose Us?
General contractors and developers that turn to Renaissance Development understand and appreciate the importance of bringing in expert trades for the restoration and preservation of old brickwork. Renaissance Development LLC applies the highest professional standards to our work as a sub-contractor.

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Historic Tuckpointing Expertise
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We welcome inquiries from commercial contractors for the work of traditional tuckpointing required by the renovation of historic brick buildings in the DC area.