The brick stairs leading to any of the homes in Washington DC’s historic neighborhoods are valued for their traditional and attractive appearance. When the mortar in joints exhibit deterioration the result can be an unsightly entrance. Loose, crumbling or missing mortar also leaves the stairs vulnerable to further damage, requiring repair and replacement of loosened and damaged bricks. A process known as tuck-pointing, or repointing, involves removing and replacing some of the old mortar. In severe cases, the entire structure might need replacement.

Renaissance Development also builds new steps using traditional materials that complement the 18th, 19th, and early 20th century residences in the District’s oldest neighborhoods. These brick stairs are a very durable, functional and economical addition to any entrance or patio design. Brick is a material that retains its original look and strength for decades and offers a variety of colors for creative design in our projects.

Renaissance Development is a leader in brick restoration and historic preservation of the area’s wonderful old homes and buildings. We specialize in brick chimney repair and restoration projects in Capitol Hill, Shaw, Logan Circle, Adams Morgan and other areas in Washington, DC. logo-fleurdelis

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